Australia, Thailand announce new work and holiday visa

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A Work and Holiday (W&H) Visa arrangement between Australia and Thailand came into effect on 31 Aug.

The new arrangement means that 18 to 30 year-old Thai and Australian nationals who have already completed their university education will be eligible to apply for W&H visas for stays of up to 12 months in Australia or Thailand.

The W&H program allows young overseas professionals to get to know Australia and its people while affording Australians the opportunity to improve their understanding of other cultures through undertaking working holidays overseas. Any work undertaken must be incidental to the main purpose of holidaying in Australia or Thailand and W&H visa holders are only permitted to work with the one employer for a maximum of three months.

The Work and Holiday visa is different to a 'Working Holiday' visa arrangement, in that it requires an applicant to have the support of their government, hold tertiary qualifications and speak functional English.