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New Zealand government

New minister says New Zealand immigration policies working well

15:09 28/02/2013
After an unexpected reshuffle of the New Zealand government's cabinet in January, the new immigration minister, Michael Woodhouse, gave a speech on 14th February to the New Zealand Association of...

UK, China and India provide most immigration to New Zealand

15:40 10/11/2012
The New Zealand government's statistical service, Statistics New Zealand, has released figures that show that, in the year to the end of September, there was a net population fall of 3,300 caused by...

New Zealand 'Hub' will match immigrants with job vacancies

17:04 12/10/2012
The New Zealand Immigration Minister Nathan Guy has joined his cabinet colleague, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett, in announcing the establishment of the Christchurch Skills and Employment...

Business NZ urges New Zealand government to do more to attract immigrants

19:01 07/09/2012
Business NZ, a leading pro-business lobby group in New Zealand, says that there are many vacancies in the New Zealand economy that need filling. It has called on the government to do more to attract...

New Zealand announces enhanced work rights for students

18:38 14/08/2012
The New Zealand immigration minister, Nathan Guy has announced a scheme intended to encourage overseas students to study in the region of Canterbury, New Zealand. The New Zealand government will...

Immediate penalties for airlines that breach New Zealand immigration rules

11:56 19/04/2012
The New Zealand government has announced they are increasing their border protection by creating a new process to immediately penalize airlines that do not comply with their obligations under the...