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New Zealand government

New Zealand to provide job vacancies for potential immigrants

19:46 11/10/2005
A new online service from the New Zealand Government hopes to connect New Zealand employers with skilled people looking for jobs in New Zealand. The service, entitled NetworkZ Online, is expected to...

New Zealand aims to bring New Zealanders home

12:16 23/08/2005
The New Zealand Government is trying to encourage its own expatriate New Zealanders to come home. More than 460,000 New Zealand-born citizens - or 14 per cent of the NZ-born population - live...

New Zealand to require HIV tests from some immigrants

15:47 09/08/2005
The New Zealand Department of Labour recently announced it will begin requiring a blood test that screens for HIV, hepatitis B, and liver and kidney function for all foreign visitors who plan on...

New Zealand says apply early for re-entry visas

19:52 03/06/2005
Although the New Zealand government denies claims that Iraqi citizens are being denied re-entry visas, it does warn that processing is taking longer. The government says that anyone holding New...

New Zealand changes citizenship laws

15:45 23/05/2005
The New Zealand government has issued plans to increase the period of residency needed before citizenship can be granted. The country hopes that the changes will help to prove a migrant's commitment...

Australia and New Zealand competing for Skilled Immigrants

19:17 08/03/2005
According to a high-ranking official, Australia and New Zealand are seeking immigrants from the same pool of skilled workers , reports the New Zealand Herald newspaper. Speaking in advance of a...