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Northern Territory

Northern Territory government says skilled migrants in Australia will help mining sector

17:21 24/05/2011
The Treasurer of the Northern Territory government said that she welcomes Australia's plans for a 16,300 increase in skilled immigration . "While we are working to train our own workforce, we have...

16 000 new Australian Citizens on Australia Day 2010

9:43 27/01/2010
On 26 January 2010 almost 16 500 people from 144 countries became Australian citizens as Australia celebrated it's national day: More than 350 citizenship ceremonies were held across Australia ...

Migration contributes to over half of Australian population growth

11:42 08/12/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News According to new figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), net migration has contributed 56 percent of the total population growth in...

Wage increases impact highly skilled 457 visa program in Australia

16:17 16/11/2006
In a slight twist on an old theme, significant wage gains now mean less. After a 45% surge in skilled workers coming to Australia in 2004-05, the rate of growth in the first three months of this... Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 3

16:32 21/01/2004
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