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Western Europe

Spain tops destination list for European Union migrants

10:55 19/02/2007
Spain 's transformation from an impoverished southern European backwater into one of Europe's most vibrant economies is supported by an opinion poll published 19 February showing it is the most...

Ireland bars European Union nationals from claiming asylum

15:41 22/01/2007
• Watch This Video Ireland will no longer process asylum applications from citizens of Romania or other European Union members , the government announced recently in a further tightening of the...

EU short of skilled labor

15:45 17/08/2006
• Watch This Video With almost 5 million people out of work, Germany's labor market might seem a manager's dream when it comes to filling jobs - easy pickings from a sea of desperate applicants. Not...

UK's capital to become world's capital of commerce

9:07 18/04/2006
A study by IBM reveals the city of London will become a magnet for talent from the US and Eastern Europe as it cements its reputation as the cosmopolitan capital of commerce. The trend will emerge by...

Overseas labour exert positive economic impact in study

10:52 29/03/2006
A study by ING bank in small and medium sized firms in Flanders, the Netherlands and Poland revealed that overseas workers exert a positive economic impact. The study by ING investigated four forms...

Eastern Europe fears brain drain

14:59 20/02/2006
A special report for the Chicago Tribune looks at the new EU member states, and the new challenges they face as many of their best and brightest young people immigrate to "old Europe" for better...