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Weekly news update 10 Dec 2008

17:47 10/12/2008
probationary citizenship; World Migration Report; Protection for immigrants; Migration Review Tribunal; Working Holiday.

Working Holiday

15:29 10/12/2008
From 08 December 2008, 300 places will be made available for Brazilians aged 18 - 30 who wish to take a long holiday in New Zealand with the option to work.

World Migration Report

14:50 10/12/2008
The Geneva based International Organization for Migration (IOM) has released its 4th World Migration Report.

probationary citizenship

13:13 10/12/2008
Under new proposals put forwards by UK Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, economic immigrants in the UK will have to earn the right to a passport by serving a five-year 'probationary citizenship'.

Migration Review Tribunal

11:51 10/12/2008
Senator Evans, announced the appointment of five Senior Members to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT)

Ireland visa rules

18:54 03/12/2008
The Irish Government is to consider the introduction of new visa requirements for visitors from 11 non-EU countries, a move which would reflect the possible stance of the UK authorities.