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Immigration videos

Destination London 2013, Mow

16:26 31/10/2013
Mow has lived in London for 13 years. She says she “Loves it here”. She likes the open spaces and the parks and thinks London is very cultural and historical.

Destination London 2013, Tatiana

15:14 31/10/2013
Tatiana lives in London since 2000. She finds it very cosmopolitan and enjoys the great dancing scene, and thinks people in London are tolerance and everyone lives side by side with no fuss.

Destination London 2013, Gio

15:07 31/10/2013
Gio has been in London 16 years ago. he says London is a great city to live in and hopes to soon buy a house here

Destination London 2013, Victoria

14:31 31/10/2013
Visiting for one week. Found it to be so nice and cosy she now plans to come and study in London.

Destination London 2013, Rajendra

14:02 31/10/2013
Migrated to London 6 year ago, commutes to work daily and feels safe and happy. Likes meeting people from all round the world in London. And enjoys the work with both big names and start-ups.

Destination London 2013, Ross

13:33 31/10/2013
Nothing else like it, apart from maybe New York