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Australia and New Zealand Immigration News

Australia launches new pilot visa programme for Indian visitors

13:28 31/01/2015
A new pilot visa programme has been launched this month to make it easier for business and tourist visitors from India to apply for a visa by allowing them to apply online for a visa to travel to...

Serco wins 5-year Australian immigration contract

18:11 22/01/2015
The company that runs Australia's immigration detention centres has been awarded a further five-year contract, despite concerns about its conduct at centres it currently manages. Serco, which has...

New extended period for Australian Subclass 400 Temporary Work visa

9:37 30/12/2014
Temporary workers in Australia can in some circumstances now apply for a Subclass 400 visa for an increased period of six months. Previously the maximum period of stay was three months. These changes...

Australia and China agree immigration reforms as part of Free Trade Agreement

19:39 08/12/2014
Australia and China signed a free-trade agreement on 17 November 2014, which include a number of changes to immigration between the two countries. The measures were announced as part of the China-...

Australian Senate votes to save family visas

19:10 14/11/2014
We remind you that in September the Australian senate voted to save four visa classes which relate to family members. These visa categories had previously been discontinued from June 2014. Age...

Australia announces new investor visa

11:38 11/11/2014
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced a new permanent residence visa aimed at wealthy investors. The 'Premium Investor Visa,' which will be launched next summer, is available for...