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Economic and Social Research Council

Durham researchers on UK Tier 2 Visa denied indefinite leave to remain

18:23 06/05/2018
Researchers at Durham University, Dr Ernesto Schwartz-Marin and his wife Dr Arely Cruz-Santiago on tier 2 visas , have been told in March 2018 they must leave the UK within two weeks. The couple, who...

Italy opens labour market to new EU members

17:46 24/07/2006
• Watch This Video Italy has lifted the barriers to workers from eastern European member states bringing the total number of EU states with free movement of labour to 18. Rome announced the decision...

Migrants promote economic growth in Europe, study concludes

10:33 13/05/2005
An increase in immigration leads to economic growth in Europe -- not to job losses, as popularly feared -- according to a report published 13 May. The study into the effect of immigration on wages...