Canadian Immigration - Special measures for temporary visa holders affected by Volcanic Eruption

Canadian immigration is automatically extending the visa status of overseas nationals and providing other assistance to those who were unable to travel due to the recent flight restrictions caused by the Volcanic eruption in Iceland. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced the following:

"Temporary residents whose status in Canada expired on or after April 15, but who have been unable to leave because of the interruptions to air travel over the Atlantic, will have their status automatically extended up to 30 days at no charge."

If you are a temporary resident outside Canada with firm travel plans and were unable to travel to Canada due to the recent flight restrictions in Europe you will be able to obtain a temporary replacement visa document at no charge upon application.

If you are an immigrant and your permanent resident visa expired before you were able to leave for Canada you will be given a reprieve upon application. However, in certain circumstances you may need to meet certain additional requirements. For example if your medical certificate has expired you will have to obtain a new medical assessment.

Any visa extensions granted under these circumstances will end on 30 June 2010 at the latest.