Most important immigration stories for 2010

2010 was a momentous year for immigration around the World. Below we include some of the most important immigration stories for 2010:

UK Immigration:

Australia Immigration:

Canada Immigration:

  • Canada in demand occupations reduced to 29 occupations from 26 June 2010.
  • Many prospective immigrants to Canada will now require a job offer to qualify for immigration.

US Immigration:

  • US H-1Bs continue to be available throughout the year. In the booms years H-1B visas were used up the first day that they became available.
  • US Dream Act reform of immigration system stalled. Uncertain future for US Dream Act.

Immigration around the World is becoming more difficult. If you wish to emigrate to a particular Country it is increasingly the case that you will need a job offer. However things will change in future. As the World economy continues to improve there will a need for more and more immigrants. Probably in the next five to ten years if not sooner Governments around the World will have no choice but to make immigration entry requirements easier.