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US' illegal immigration border patrols may increase

13:17 30/05/2005
The month-long patrols that monitored illegal immigration in Arizona may soon pop up elsewhere in the US. The organizer of the Minuteman Project -- where nearly 900 volunteers, some of them armed,...

US lawmakers battle over immigration efforts

9:14 30/05/2005
Two US senators who will oversee their party's efforts on US immigration have called for strict law enforcement as part of any temporary-worker program. Competing senators have put forward a...

Undercover reporter finds US IDs for sale to illegal immigrants

17:32 21/04/2005
The United States is currently undergoing the largest wave of immigration in over a century, reports CBS news on April 20. But what makes this wave like no other is that so much of it is illegal...

US Immigration will not be discussed at summit

17:49 23/03/2005
Immigration to the US will not be officially discussed at a meeting of North American leaders despite earlier plans, the Washington Times reports. US President George Bush, Mexican President Vincente...

New technology for US immigration processing

19:34 27/01/2005
US immigration authorities are to begin testing radio frequency (RF)technology on the country's borders in a bid to improve efficiency andsecurity, the US Department of Homeland Security announced on...