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Over 100 foreign nationals queue for Irish employment permits and study visas

7:59 11/10/2016
According to a report published by the Irish Times , more than 100 foreign nationals queued outside the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (Inis) in Dublin on Thursday, 11 August, hoping to...

Hundreds queue to renew Irish Visas in Dublin

18:58 30/09/2015
Almost 500 foreign nationals queued throughout the night outside the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) in Dublin on Friday, 25 September. The crowd gathered at the Bureau, located on Burgh...

US 'sanctuary cities' ignoring immigration laws

13:52 24/07/2015
The issue of supposed sanctuary cities – which refers to cities that do not fully comply with federal US immigration laws – has become a focus of discussion in the US Congress after Donald Trump...

UK PM pledges to curb access to judicial review in immigration cases

11:07 28/11/2012
David Cameron has announced that the UK government is to reform the 'judicial review' court procedure. This will have a significant effect on thousands of immigration cases. Judicial review is a...

US courts inspector criticises immigration courts' poor performance

14:53 10/11/2012
The inspector general of the United States' Justice Department has issued a critical report about US federal immigration courts. Michael E. Horowitz says that the courts are allowing the backlog of...

Ireland announces Irish "green card"

11:42 09/01/2007
Ireland 's Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment has announced major changes to the skilled immigration categories to come into effect from 1 February 2007. It should be noted that the use...