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Home Office

UK immigration bill could fail stateless children, say MPs

10:45 15/11/2021
MPs have warned that Priti Patel’s controversial UK immigration bill could fail stateless children by creating more barriers for UK-born youngsters to obtain British citizenship. According to a...

Dedicated UK visa for au pairs dismissed

10:42 11/11/2021
Calls for a dedicated UK visa for au pairs following Brexit have been dismissed in Parliament by Home Office minister, Baroness Williams of Trafford. In a statement to MPs, she said: ‘such action to...

UK immigration laws blocked by Labour, Priti Patel seething

11:00 09/11/2021
UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has blasted Labour and accused them of ‘siding with people traffickers’ after they blocked new UK immigration laws. Patel warned that Labour’s actions could lead to...

Home Office loses UK visa case over human rights violations

15:34 05/11/2021
The Home Office has lost a UK visa case after it was found that the government agency had violated the human rights of the daughter of an elderly widowed mother. A tribunal in Birmingham found that...

UK should pay €8m for annual immigration checks

9:19 03/11/2021
The president of the company that runs the port of Calais has said that Britain should pay the cost of immigration checks carried out at the French Channel port, according to a report published by...

EU family permit policy under Home Office review

10:32 01/11/2021
The Home Office is reportedly reviewing its EU family permit policy after campaigners claimed that hundreds of dependent EU nationals are still waiting for a permit to join relatives in Britain. In...