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US Immigration: Obama announces executive action

18:38 16/12/2014
Last month President Obama outlined his plans for 'executive action' to reform the US immigration system. This is after continued attempts at immigration reform via Congress failed. In a television...

The US election and its impact on immigration

15:39 27/11/2014
The US election and its impact on immigration Following the US Congressional elections earlier this month, President Obama is pushing through with his promised immigration reforms by executive action...

Obama announces longer US visas for Chinese citizens

17:51 20/11/2014
President Obama recently announced some visa changes last week which will lead to longer term visas being issued to Chinese citizens. Both US and Chinese citizens should benefit. Chinese citizens are...

US E-2 Treaty Investor visas may soon be available to Israeli migrants

18:51 08/11/2014
The E-2 Treaty Investor visa category may soon be open to Israeli business owners and investors after moves by both the US and Israeli governments. The Israeli parliament have recently granted the...

US Hispanics demand health benefits for immigrant 'Dreamers'

18:04 04/11/2014
Hispanic groups are campaigning for President Obama to grant access to Obamacare health insurance, for a group of Hispanic immigrants known as 'Dreamers.' The dreamers are a group of hundreds of...

US Immigration: President Obama promises to keep fighting for reform

10:20 13/10/2014
In a speech to a Hispanic audience last week President Obama promised he will keep fighting for immigration reform. Speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, he has renewed his pledge...