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Scottish government

'Driven Away' Tier 4 Visa Students Damaging Scotland's Reputation

18:23 08/04/2015
Scotland's Education Minister Dr Alasdair Allan has told Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) that the UK's 'negative and irresponsible' attitude towards immigration is affecting the country's...

Scotland's immigrant population doubles in a decade

15:29 16/12/2013
Research from Oxford University's Migration Observatory has revealed that Scotland's immigrant population rose by 93% in the decade from 2001 to 2011 from about 191,500 to 369,284. The Scottish...

An independent Scotland would launch a 'green card' immigration scheme

10:20 27/11/2013
On Tuesday 26th November 2013, the Scottish National Party revealed its white paper Scotland's Future; Your Guide to an Independent Future which contains a detailed programme of policies that would...

Scottish government minister criticises UK immigration policy

16:35 03/06/2013
Humza Yousaf, the Scottish government's external affairs minister, has criticised the UK government for its immigration policy which, he says, is damaging the Scottish economy. Mr Yousaf said that...

London Mayor criticizes UK immigration cap

11:39 04/01/2011
London Mayor Boris Johnson says that the UK Government's immigration cap will harm Britain's economy and make the nation uncompetitive. Johnson said that business was having a difficult time finding...

Scottish Government criticises UK immigration policies

16:23 18/11/2010
Scotland which is part of the UK is claiming that tougher UK immigration controls will be detrimental to its economy and will hinder its ability to attract overseas students . Culture Minister Fiona...