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Australian immigration sees increase in Working Holiday Visa program

9:12 03/01/2012
A recent report from Australian Immigration and Citizenship indicates that there has been an overall annual growth of 8.3 percent in the immigration department's Working Holiday Visa program. The...

US universities report increase in enrollment of foreign students on F-1 student visas

18:53 02/01/2012
The number of international students on F-1 student visas enrolled in post-graduate business schools in the US has been rapidly increasing. According to a recent BusinessWeek article, the average...

Taiwan sees increase in first-time in-person biometric passport applications

14:08 01/01/2012
Taiwan's Foreign Ministry announced that more than 300,000 citizens have applied for their first-time biometric passports in person this year; Now a requirement in Taiwan for all first time passport...

Taiwan introduces e-gates to speed-up immigration checkpoints

18:44 16/12/2011
Beginning 2012, Taiwan's immigration department will officially launch E-gates at three airports and one seaport to help expedite passenger clearance at immigration control. This will reduce...

US hints at possible visit visa waiver scheme for Taiwan

15:52 22/11/2011
The US Department of State may add Taiwan as a candidate for the United States Visa-Waiver Program (VWP) by next month, according to Taiwan's Foreign Minister Timothy Yang. Senior US officials have...

US announces business travel card visa scheme for Asia-Pacific countries

17:24 15/11/2011
Business leaders welcomed new legislation signed by US President Obama and the 21 leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic cooperation (APEC) to enable the introduction of the APEC Business Travel Card...