UK Immigration to open biometric clinic in Kazakhstan

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The UK Border Agency has announced that it will begin a new mobile biometric clinic service in west Kazakhstan beginning on 17th August 2012. The service will be run in partnership with VFS Global and will be based in the western city of Atyrau, which is on the Caspian Sea. The service will enable western Kazakhs to submit their biometric information, which they must do if they want to apply for a UK visa, without travelling to the capital Almaty.

The UKBA says that the service will reduce travel time and expense for applicants for UK visas from west Kazakhstan. There will be a fee for using the service and it can only be used by prior booked appointment. The visa application centre in Almaty, remains open.

Mobile clinics will take place once a month. Applicants for UK visas must book an appointment, paying a fee of 37888 tenge (US$256) in advance. This fee is separate from the visa application fee which must also be paid to the UK immigration authorities. Details of fees for Tier 1 and Tier 2 work visas, Tier 4 study UK visas and general visitor visa fees can be found on the UKBA website.

Those attending appointments should attend 15 minutes in advance they should bring

· Completed and signed visa application form

· A photograph

· A valid passport with at least one page blank on both sides

· All supporting documentation

· Bank receipt proving payment for the mobile clinic fee

· Appointment confirmation for mobile clinic appointment

Full details of documentation required at the UK immigration/VFS Global clinic can be found on the UKBA website.

Applicants should note that it will not be possible to submit their applications at the mobile clinic. The clinic is purely designed to collect biometric information, without which, applicants cannot travel to the UK. After visiting the clinic, applicants should send their applications and supporting documentation to the UK immigration authorities visa application centre in Almaty.

Supporting documentation includes

· A valid passport

· A recent, passport-size photograph

· A completed self-assessment form if applying under the points-based system

· Supporting documentation

· Previous passports providing evidence of international travel

· Evidence of online payment of visa fee

· The courier receipt provided when biometric information was submitted

Full details of documentation required in support of an application for a visa to the UK immigration authorities can be found on the UKBA website.

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