US: Michigan aims to attract skilled business migrants

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Michigan state governor Rick Snyder has a new initiative to attract foreign investors and entrepreneurs to help boost the US state's ailing economy.

The Global Michigan initiative is a scaled-up version of an earlier initiative that the governor implemented on a more local level in the city of Ann Arbor.

"He has long been interested in this topic and sees the value foreign nationals can play in the new economy," Amy Cell, senior vice-president of talent enhancement at the Michigan Economic Development Corp told the Detroit News.

"This is looking at what is really the best thing for Michigan when you look at the types of opportunities that can come about from immigrants, and the contributions they make in a community," she added.

Detroit "The Motor City" home to the United States automotive industry is in Michigan. The once prosperous state economy has taken a hit from the global financial crisis of a few years ago. The Detroit economy has also suffered due to increased demand from Americans for foreign automobiles.

A bill is currently working its way through Congress which if passed would create a "Startup Visa" which would make entrepreneurship-based immigration easier.