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Socialist Party

French president wants to reduce immigration further if re-elected

16:35 12/03/2012
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has claimed that there are too many immigrants in France and the system for integrating them is "working worse and worse". During a recent television debate on 6...

Holland grants amnesty to more than 30,000 asylum-seekers

16:45 05/12/2006
• Watch This Video Late in the evening of 30 November, more than 30,000 asylum-seekers were granted general amnesty by the recently elected Dutch parliament, according to recent news reports. Seventy...

Automatic citizenship in France questioned

16:50 19/09/2005
France's minister for overseas affairs provoked outrage on 17 September by saying illegal immigrants were giving birth on French territory to ensure their children had French nationality. By law, a...

Belgium grants expats voting rights

17:56 20/02/2004
All ex-patriates living in Brussels, regardless of their nationality, have been granted the right to vote in local municipal elections under a new law approved by the Belgian Parliament on 20...