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Tom Jenkins

US immigration push by Trump in final days as President

16:50 02/12/2020
The Trump administration is targeting a series of US immigration changes before President-elect, Joe Biden, takes office. The administration’s final push on immigration is being driven by Trump’s...

UK Tier 2 visa process 'difficult to impossible' according to UK tourism survey

18:46 18/08/2017
A recent survey by the European Tourism Association (ETOA) has found that 85% of tourism companies find the Tier 2 visa application process 'difficult to impossible'. People often migrate to the UK...

Visit Britain claims the UK is losing billions in tourism revenue

17:28 12/07/2012
Visit Britain, the UK's main tourism body, says the country is losing billions of pounds in tourist revenue due to its expensive and difficult to navigate visa system. Visit Britain believes that...

Report claims UK visa process deterring tourists

19:05 17/05/2012
This week the European Tour Operators Association (ETOA) published a report that appeared to confirm that the long queues at Heathrow airport, along with the difficulties in applying for UK visas ,...