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New Zealand government

International Migrants Day

13:28 18/12/2006
• Watch This Video 18 December 2006: International Migrants Day As of the beginning of this year, at least 191 million people are living and working in a country not of their origin. One person of...

New Zealand engaged in full review of immigration policy by year end

16:57 23/05/2006
On any one day, there are between 225,000-250,000 people in New Zealand temporarily as students, workers or visitors. During 2004 and 2005, approximately 90% of applicants approved for residence...

New Zealand looks after its interests

14:46 03/05/2006
The New Zealand government wants to modernize and simplify the legislation to establish a fair and fast decision-making process to protect the country's interests. There are, however, plenty of...

Website not attracting NZ expats as hoped

10:59 10/04/2006
A major campaign by the New Zealand government using a website to entice expats to return home is experiencing falling visitor numbers. The site - - made headlines in December...

NZ may allow temporary visas for unskilled island workers

15:08 03/04/2006
The New Zealand government is considering a plan to open New Zealand temporarily to unskilled migrants for islanders so to protect the neighbouring Pacific Islands from economic ruin. Foreign...

New Zealand immigration changes putting off investors

13:59 02/11/2005
In June, the New Zealand Government announced that the investor age limit would be lowered 30 years from 85 to 54, the amount of investment required would double to $2 million and the money would...