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Limited UK visa service in Albania till 4 Nov.

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Due to major refurbishment works to the public and office space in the visa section in Tirana, the UK will be able to offer only a restricted service for personal applications from 17 October to 4 November 2005 inclusive. They will only be able to conduct settlement interviews during this period.

The categories of application that will be accepted during the period are:

  • Settlement applications e.g. husband, wife, fiancée, fiancé etc
  • Visitor visa applications from those who have traveled to the UK in the last five years
  • Visitor visa applications from applicants who have traveled to the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand within the last 5 years
  • Visitor visa applications for compelling compassionate or emergency reasons
  • Visitor visa applications from applicants who have valid permission to travel to Western Europe or Switzerland
  • Applications from diplomats and host Government officials
If you want to apply for a visa and are not in one of the categories above, please apply before 17 October, or wait until the embassy returns to full service on 7 November.